Email Marketing by EConnect is the new Internet marketing product developed by Media Source Solutions. Media Source Solutions has applied its successful methodology in database building to create EConnect – triple confirming their interests, age, and other demographics. Plus, EConnect database has been optimized with known transactional data AND prosperity indicators. We respect an individual’s privacy. Only double opt-in confirmed names are a part of the EConnect database. Media Source Solutions is committed to setting a new standard in Internet marketing quality.


Use the EConnect 5 Point Program to:

  1. Communicate (Connect) with your existing customers
  2. Build Loyalty Programs
  3. Find new customers
  4. Build increased Brand/Product recognition
  5. Build Retail/Website/Catalog Traffic


E-mail marketing has emerged as one of the fastest, most direct ways for a direct marketer to reach their core customer base. In addition, e-mail has proven to be an effective prospecting tool. Media Source Solutions understands marketers need to utilize a different approach when conducting e-mail campaigns to their existing customers vs. outside list prospecting.


Media Source Solutions has e-mail solutions that are cutting-edge and are results driven. We offer a full complement of e-mail marketing services using our large database of double opt-in confirmed e-mail names. E-mail Appending/Data Enhancement Services, Banner Ads, Survey Development, Website Development, Multi-channel Marketing, HTML Image Development and E-mail Modeling Services are some of the services that we can provide.


Multi-channel marketing and E-mail Modeling are two of the newest marketing techniques Media Source Solutions has developed for direct marketers to utilize. Direct mail marketers have used models built from compiled postal files effectively for years. By using models, mailers gained access to large universes of names and enabled them to reach prospects with all the known characteristics of their best customers. E-mail modeling works in the same way. By using the e-mail names from a mailer’s house file representing their best responding names, Media Source Solutions will score the file and apply the algorithm to its house file of double opt-in e-mail names. Once the e-mail model is built, we can select the modeled names for e-mail deployments. The response rate using modeled e-mail names delivers a similar response rate to a mailer’s house e-mail file.


Another approach Media Source Solutions is using for delivering strong results is multi-channel marketing. Savvy mailers are using postal campaigns to drive traffic to their websites. Mailers are also using E-mail campaigns alerting customers a promotional event or other offer will soon be delivered to their mailbox. Stand-alone direct mail and e-mail campaigns are very effective tools to use for all marketing efforts. Multi-channel marketing is an effective way to combine the two mediums together that reaches a mailer’s customers and prospects.


We diligently apply the highest standards of data hygiene to all of our files. Our strict double opt-in policy assures our clients our database contains only those who have given us their permission to receive third party offers. All of our lists are CAN-SPAM compliant and we provide easy, quick ways to be removed from our database.


Media Source Solutions understands how to get your message delivered. We score all messages using the most up-to-date methods to make sure your message won’t get trapped by an IP providers Spam in box. We are experienced copywriters and we have an experienced creative team on staff. Whether the audience is B2B or consumer, we can help you successfully market your products and services to prospects via e-mail.

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