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Working with Media Source Solutions, you’ll have data-driven marketing at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for second and third party prospect data, need a custom audience or want to match your records with our identity resolution service, we’ve got you covered.


Our Team

Meet Michele Volpe, President of Sales & Marketing


Michele started her career back in 1996 at Millard Group (now infoGroup). She joined Media Source Solutions in 2004 and from that point on has continued to innovate, introducing new products and services to match her clients’ data needs. Michele is a member of the IAB.

Dedicated to your data needs

Data you can trust

Our data is verified by multiple sources for accuracy and validation as well as opted-in to receive third party offers. We respect any opt-out requests we receive.

Match back, Multi-channel & Multi-use

We have a wealth of data points for you to choose from: email, telephone, postal, hashed emails, cookies, IPs, MAIDs, CTV IDs and any device available for multi-channel campaigns.

Far-reaching Scale

Looking to increase the scope of your campaigns? We have over 300 data points and 600 pre-built audiences available for you to use in your next campaign.

Continuous Updates

Nothing is going to ruin your campaign like stale data. That’s why we continually work to update our audiences, so that you only ever work with fresh, reliable data.

Working closely with industry bodies

As well as being a member of the IAB, we collaborate with a number of organizations towards the common goal of promoting quality data across the digital advertising industry.

How We Can Help

Pre-built Audiences

Reach prospects & drive your business with our pre-built audiences

Custom Audiences

Create your perfect audience with a custom audience built solely for you

Identity Resolution

Get a complete view of your customers with identity resolution