Custom Audiences

Create your perfect audience, built solely for you. 

Depending on your specific marketing need, you may prefer to have us build you a custom audience. Our keyword identification technology enables us to pull together a tailored set of prospects for your next campaign.

The process is simple...

Choose Your Keywords

This will help us to identify users who are searching for a brand, product or service of your choosing across the web.

Leave The Hard Work To Us

For now, just sit back and relax. We’ll build your custom audience with 72hrs based on your exact requirements.

Select Your Delivery Method

Your custom audience can be distributed directly to you or to your choice of platform or service bureau.

Get started with our Custom Audiences

Other Ways We Can Help

Pre-built Audiences

Reach prospects & drive your business with our pre-built audiences

Identity Resolution

Get a complete view of your customers with our identity resolution solution