Pre-built Audiences

Reach prospects & drive business with over +3,000 pre-built brand and in-market audiences. Plus our audiences can be used across email, social, direct mail, telemarketing, display, digital and CTV channels.

+3000 Audiences Available

Demographic Data

Want to segment by age, ethnicity, gender, location, household composition or average income? Our demographic data is validated by Truthset and is repeatedly found to be among the most accurate in the industry.

Life-event Targeting

Reach your audience when they’re most likely to buy. Our pre-built audiences include new movers, new parents and soon-to-be-college graduates, to name but a few.

Consumer & B2B

Our pre-built audiences cover both consumer & business audiences, including industry, occupation and firmographics, so whether you’re B2C- or B2B-focused, we’ve got the data you need.

Behavioral Targeting

Looking to target by online and buying behavior? Our audiences include form submissions, purchase history and browser activity.

Political Targeting

Our audiences include voter behaviour data, enabling you to select by party affiliation, platform, candidate, district or campaign. We also hold data on past donor activity.

Interest Targeting

Target prospects who are interested in products similar to your own, from fashion fanatics to gadget gurus, to health & beauty buyers.

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Custom Audiences

Create your perfect audience with a custom audience built for you

Identity Resolution

Get a complete view of your customers with identity resolution