New Year's Resolutions Audiences

Looking to target consumers in market for products and services related to their New Year’s Resolutions? From resolutions around weight loss and fitness, to eating healthily and stopping smoking, Media Source Solutions has the pre-built audience you need to reach consumers who will be actively searching for your product in the new year.

Resolution 1: Stop Smoking

Our audience ‘Smokers @Email Address’ is perfect for advertisers who wish to target smokers in their marketing campaigns. These consumers have responded to surveys concerning their use of tobacco products.

Universe: 3,156,400

Resolution 2: Get Fit

Try our audience ‘Color Me Pink – Women’s Health & Wellness’, which includes women who are interested in mobile exercise apps, yoga and becoming gym members as they try to find a work/life balance.

Universe: 2,850,000

Resolution 3: Eat More Healthily

Try our audience ‘Self Health and Nutritional Wellbeing’, made up of consumers who wish to eat more healthily by consuming super foods and eating a balanced diet as well as by taking nutritional supplements.

Universe: 3,900,000

Resolution 4: Lose Weight

This audience ‘Weight No More – Weight Loss Consumers’ is made up of consumers who wish to lose weight and are regularly shopping for and buying their favorite health and weight loss related products.

Universe: 2,500,000

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