Spring Into The New Season

As winter fades and spring emerges, many people embrace the annual ritual of spring cleaning. This is a time when people purge their homes of clutter, refresh their living spaces, beautify their gardens and prepare for the warm months ahead. According to a report by Nielsen, there is a notable increase in cleaning product sales in the spring months in the United States. The report states that sales of household cleaning products increase by an average of 7% in March compared to February, and by 11% in April compared to February.

For marketers, this season represents a time of renewal and rejuvenation, making it an ideal opportunity for businesses to launch marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. By utilizing dedicated data segments, marketers can create targeted campaigns that capitalize on the spring cleaning fervor and drive engagement and sales.

Behavioral Data – Identifying Key Consumer Trends

Behavioral data, which includes purchasing history, web browsing patterns, and social media activity, offers invaluable insights into consumer habits and preferences. Analyzing this data can reveal trends in purchasing behavior, such as increased interest in specific products or services during the spring months. 

Take a look at some of the dedicated data segments Media Source Solutions has available for your upcoming spring campaigns:

Your New Home – Time to Decorate

The first time you open the door and cross the threshold into your new home, it can evoke many different feelings. Trying to envision how to arrange furniture, color schemes, flooring, window treatments and accessories is enough to make a new movers head spin! These new movers look for interior design, landscaping and decorating ideas using catalogs or subscribing to book clubs and magazines. Take advantage of the Your New Home consumers’ known traits – credit card users, broadband subscribers, internet buyers, mail order buyers and retail buyers – to help make your next campaign a success. Learn more about this data segment >

Searched & Purchased – Home Improvement / Cleaning Tool Buyers

This file has actual buyers of cleaning product tools because as long as you have to do it, why not have the best tools to help you? All the Searched & Purchased – Home Improvement/Cleaning Tools Buyers have used their mobile devices to download a QR code, read a QR code or barcode of a variety of cleaning product tools.  Learn more about this data segment >

Broccoli, Bulbs & Blooms – The Complete Gardener

The gardeners here know to plant bulbs in the fall so they will have beautiful blooms in the spring! The Broccoli, Bulbs & Blooms Gardeners enjoy attending annual Flower Shows, Home & Garden Shows in addition to being frequent buyers at the garden centers near their homes.  Age, income, product, lifestyle and Trigger data (new phone, new home, newly issued credit cards) selects are available. Learn more about this data segment >

Alterna Holistic Healthy Gardening

Whether you want to reach the occasional indoor gardener or the avid outdoor gardener, Alterna Holistic Healthy Gardening has them all. The consumers who make up this file care about the quality of the food they eat, protecting their indoor and outdoor environments and use organic gardening techniques to produce earth friendly flowers and produce. Learn more about this data segment >

My Perfect Home

Different tastes in interior decorating help keep the home décor industry thriving! The home decorators here enjoy finding the perfect accent to turn a room from being “blah” to beautiful. The consumers who make up the My Perfect Home list look for interior design, landscaping and decorating ideas using catalogs or subscribing to book clubs and magazines. Learn more about this data segment >

Together Time – Home & Garden

The Together Time – Home & Garden consumers enjoy spending time with their families outdoors. Whether it’s planting an old-fashioned “Victory Garden” or a beautiful cutting garden for flowers, they all join in on the fun. Sourced from transactional data, this buyer/subscriber file is ideal for magazine, book, outdoor furniture, credit card and catalog offers. Learn more about this data segment >

Demographic Data – Catering to Your Audience

Understanding the demographic makeup of your target audience is crucial for creating personalized, relevant marketing campaigns. Age, gender, income, and geographic location are just a few of the key demographic data points to consider when planning your spring cleaning campaign. Utilize demographic data to create tailored messaging that speaks directly to your audience’s unique needs and interests.

Younger consumers, especially those in their 20s and 30s, tend to be more mobile and transient, making them more likely to move frequently and accumulate less clutter. They are also more likely to be renters, which means they may be more receptive to products and services that can help them quickly and easily spruce up their living spaces. For this demographic, marketing campaigns that focus on convenience, portability, and affordability can be particularly effective.

On the other hand, older consumers, especially those over 50, may be more established in their homes and communities. They are more likely to be homeowners and may have accumulated more possessions over the years. These consumers may be looking for products and services that help them manage their belongings more effectively, such as storage solutions or professional organization services. Marketing campaigns that focus on quality, durability, and long-term value can be particularly effective for this demographic.

In a recent analysis by independent data evaluator, Truthset, they yet again found our demographic data to be amongst the best in the business. Media Source Solutions recognizes how important accuracy is for marketers in their campaigns and that’s why all of our data is validated with 5+ declared touch points per record for performance & quality assurance.

Custom Segments – Reach Your Niche

Looking for something specific? We can create your perfect segment with a custom audience built solely for you. Simply provide us with a list of keywords and we will return a custom audience within 72 hours. Whatever your audience is searching for, we can identify them.

Get Started With Your Spring Campaign

Spring presents a unique opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers who are in a mindset of renewal and rebirth. By leveraging specific Media Source Solutions’ data, marketers can create targeted campaigns that resonate with consumers and drive sales. Whether it’s by targeting specific behaviors, interests or demographics, marketers can use data to create campaigns that speak directly to consumers’ needs. 

Our 3000+ pre-built segments, including demographic data, transactional data, behavioral data and location-based data, are ideal for your upcoming marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking for direct mail, email, CTV or digital data, talk to us about your needs today.