Taking Advantage of the Home-Buying Boom

Spring and summer are always a traditional time for people to move but the US housing market has been experiencing a bit of a boom of late. Fueled by increased demand for space, thanks to the pandemic, as well as a buoyant job market, the median US home price for active listings grew to a record high of $405,000 in March. And according to Bill Adams, chief economist for Comerica Bank, there should still be a 10% overall increase in prices this year.

What does the upward swing in the housing market mean for marketers then? How can they take advantage of the trend? Media Source Solutions is here to explain it to you.

Targeting New Homeowners with Trigger Data

What if you could catch consumers just as they come in-market for your services? That’s the beauty of our Triggerpoint audiences. These segments are designed to enable you to reach consumers and businesses at key life stages – such as buying a new home -, ensuring whoever receives your marketing message is always in-market for your services.

Simply tell us which lifestage you’re most interested in reaching including new homeowners, new movers, pre-movers and apartment seekers. As always with all of our data, these audiences are multichannel, making them perfect for your email, direct mail, social, CTV and digital campaigns. These audiences are ideal for moving companies, broadband firms, self storage companies as well as furniture companies, interior design firms and many more.

Home Décor, Furniture & Furnishings Galore

Speaking of interior design, we have numerous pre-built audiences in this category, from our Finer Living High-End Homeowners to Prestige Home Décor Average American Buyer audience.

Moving into a new home is a life changing trigger and what better time to start over with a fresh new look? The consumers in these segments are ready to spackle, paint, carpet and tile every square inch of their homes until they achieve the results they are trying to create. Sourced from directories, new homeowner records, known subscribers, mail order buyers and home show attendees, our home décor pre-built audiences are opted-in to receive offers relating to their personal preference in home décor.

Can’t find the pre-built audience you’re looking for? Try a custom audience. With this option, marketers can be very selective about their data needs and provide us with a list of keywords that will help us to identify users who are searching for a brand, product or service of your choosing across the web. We’ll then be able to build you a custom audience within 72hrs based on your exact requirements.

Furry Friends Join the Ranks

Pets are also proving a major factor when people choose the home they want to buy. A 2021 Consumer Housing Trends Report from Zillow found that 73% of homebuyers report having at least one pet at home. Many of these prospective homebuyers are looking for homes with more space, especially as people continue to work from home along with their pets.

How can marketers reach these pet owners? Again, Media Source Solutions has the answer, with our various pre-built pet segments. Try, for example, our Pawsitively Pets – Pet Store & Catalog Buyers or our Pets Are Family – Pet Lovers audiences.

Making the Most of Soon-to-Be Families Feathering Their Nest

Another trend linked to the housing boom which may not seem so obvious is the rise in birth rate. Research from economists Michael Lovenheim and Kevin J. Mumford shows that homeowners are more likely to have children when their home value increases. And given that The New York Times found that US homeowners have gained more than $6 trillion in housing wealth during the pandemic, we should potentially be on the lookout for a rise in births.

What does this mean for marketers? At Media Source Solutions we can help marketers identify new parents as well as expanding families. Our pre-built audience The Stork Has Arrived includes consumers who buy infant clothes, books, subscribe to magazines and of course, buy toys! They also register online or at ‘bricks and mortar’ stores with their ‘wish list’ for their new baby.

Sourced from public records, co-registration sites, product registrations; self reported data, and internet registrations, take advantage of these prenatal consumers’ known traits – credit card users, broadband subscribers, internet buyers, mail order buyers and retail buyers.

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