Missing Your Data Targets?

How often do you find yourself in this situation?

You’ve planned your marketing campaign meticulously: selected your budget, marketing channels, campaign timing, messaging and offer with care, yet you still find yourself at the end of the campaign with a disappointing campaign performance and a much lower ROI than you expected.

Have you considered that the problem could lie in your marketing data?

How do you ensure the accuracy of data?

There are a number of factors which affect data accuracy. First and foremost is data recency – how recently the data you’re using has been updated. Have you ever run an email campaign with a high bounce back rate? The likelihood is you’ve been working with out-dated inaccurate data. There’s a much quoted stat which claims that up to 70% of a database can become stale within a year, especially in B2B CRMs where turnover is high. That’s why at Media Source Solutions we continuously update our audience segments.

Another factor is the reliability of your data source. You want to be working with data that has been verified for its accuracy. Here at Media Source Solutions, our data is sourced from purchases, intent signals, online engagements, self-reported data, registrations and form fills. Our multi-source approach is then followed up with verification across channels for multiple touch points to ensure optimal data hygiene and accuracy.

Going hand-in-hand with reliability is data validation. Does the data provider you work with have their data validated by a third party, independent data evaluator? At Media Source Solutions we have our consumer data validated by Truthset so that we when we claim our data is accurate we can be absolutely sure that is indeed the case!

How to Improve your Marketing ROI

In Truthset’s Q4 2020 report, Media Source Solutions performed extremely well in a variety of demographic categories, particularly for its age, ethnicity, income and location data. For example, if you’re looking to target males aged 18-24 for your marketing campaign, that particular Media Source Solutions segment was given a Truthset score of 195, meaning that according to Truthset we are 95% better than average at identifying people with those demographic attributes.

What does that mean in real terms for your ROI? If you were running a marketing campaign using data from other providers you might well find that you’d be reaching people outside of your target market who were either not eligible for your offer or not interested. With Media Source Solutions on the other hand, you’d be working with extremely accurate consumer data and would be 95% more likely to reach your ROI goal based on your data quality.

The Importance of Data Accuracy

We understand the importance of data accuracy in marketing campaigns and we want to ensure you do too! That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering flat rate pricing or 50% discount on all segments for 90 days.

See your ROI increase before your eyes and hit your targets this year with our accurate data.

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