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Unlocking Success: Fair Lending Friendly Audiences in Your Marketing Campaigns

Unlocking Success: Fair Lending Friendly Audiences in Your Marketing Campaigns

In today’s digital age, marketers are constantly striving to target the right audience with precision and compliance, especially when it comes to financial services and lending. Meeting the requirements of fair lending laws can be a challenging task, but it’s a crucial one. Failure to do so can result in serious legal repercussions and damage to your brand’s reputation. Luckily, we have the solution for you: Fair Lending Friendly Audiences.

What are fair lending laws?

Federal fair lending laws, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act, prohibit discrimination based on factors such as race, age, gender, ethnicity, marital status or other protected characteristics in credit transactions.

The challenge lies in striking a balance between compliance and achieving your marketing objectives effectively. Advertisers often find themselves navigating this delicate tightrope walk, searching for the right audience segments that fulfill fair lending requirements without compromising campaign performance.

What Are Fair Lending Friendly Audiences?

At Media Source Solutions, we understand the complexities of fair lending compliance and the importance of reaching the right audiences. That’s why we’ve developed Fair Lending Friendly Audiences.

Fair Lending Friendly Audiences are pre-built audience segments that are fully FLA-approved. These meticulously curated audience groups adhere to guidelines, ensuring that your marketing campaigns are both compliant and effective. 

Benefits of Using Fair Lending Friendly Audiences

  1. Compliance Assurance: Our Fair Lending Friendly Audiences guarantee compliance with fair lending laws, reducing the risk of potential legal issues and ensuring that your marketing campaigns are ethically sound.
  2. Omnipresence Across Channels: These audiences are omnichannel, meaning they can be seamlessly integrated into various marketing channels, including direct mail, email, mobile, social media, display advertising, Connected TV (CTV), and more. This versatility allows you to engage your target audience wherever they are most active.
  3. Enhanced Prospecting and Customer Reactivation: Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or re-engage existing ones, Fair Lending Friendly Audiences provide the ideal foundation for prospecting and reactivation campaigns.

Our Comprehensive Fair Lending Friendly Audiences

Our audiences cover a range of niches and interests, ensuring you have the flexibility to tailor your campaigns to specific consumer groups. Some of our audience categories include:

  1. Automotive Offers: Target consumers looking for auto loans and related services while staying FLA-compliant.
  2. College Student Credit Offers: Connect with college students seeking credit solutions, ensuring fair lending practices.
  3. Home Décor & Garden Offers: Engage homeowners and garden enthusiasts looking for financing options.
  4. Travel Offers: Capture the attention of travel enthusiasts, offering them the financial support they need for their adventures.

In a world where regulatory compliance is paramount, our Fair Lending Friendly Audiences audiences not only help you navigate the intricate landscape of fair lending laws but also empower you to create targeted, engaging marketing campaigns across various channels.

Contact us today to learn more about how Fair Lending Friendly Audiences can elevate your brand’s impact while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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Spring Into The New Season

Spring Into The New Season

As winter fades and spring emerges, many people embrace the annual ritual of spring cleaning. This is a time when people purge their homes of clutter, refresh their living spaces, beautify their gardens and prepare for the warm months ahead. According to a report by Nielsen, there is a notable increase in cleaning product sales in the spring months in the United States. The report states that sales of household cleaning products increase by an average of 7% in March compared to February, and by 11% in April compared to February.

For marketers, this season represents a time of renewal and rejuvenation, making it an ideal opportunity for businesses to launch marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. By utilizing dedicated data segments, marketers can create targeted campaigns that capitalize on the spring cleaning fervor and drive engagement and sales.

Behavioral Data – Identifying Key Consumer Trends

Behavioral data, which includes purchasing history, web browsing patterns, and social media activity, offers invaluable insights into consumer habits and preferences. Analyzing this data can reveal trends in purchasing behavior, such as increased interest in specific products or services during the spring months. 

Take a look at some of the dedicated data segments Media Source Solutions has available for your upcoming spring campaigns:

Your New Home – Time to Decorate

The first time you open the door and cross the threshold into your new home, it can evoke many different feelings. Trying to envision how to arrange furniture, color schemes, flooring, window treatments and accessories is enough to make a new movers head spin! These new movers look for interior design, landscaping and decorating ideas using catalogs or subscribing to book clubs and magazines. Take advantage of the Your New Home consumers’ known traits – credit card users, broadband subscribers, internet buyers, mail order buyers and retail buyers – to help make your next campaign a success. Learn more about this data segment >

Searched & Purchased – Home Improvement / Cleaning Tool Buyers

This file has actual buyers of cleaning product tools because as long as you have to do it, why not have the best tools to help you? All the Searched & Purchased – Home Improvement/Cleaning Tools Buyers have used their mobile devices to download a QR code, read a QR code or barcode of a variety of cleaning product tools.  Learn more about this data segment >

Broccoli, Bulbs & Blooms – The Complete Gardener

The gardeners here know to plant bulbs in the fall so they will have beautiful blooms in the spring! The Broccoli, Bulbs & Blooms Gardeners enjoy attending annual Flower Shows, Home & Garden Shows in addition to being frequent buyers at the garden centers near their homes.  Age, income, product, lifestyle and Trigger data (new phone, new home, newly issued credit cards) selects are available. Learn more about this data segment >

Alterna Holistic Healthy Gardening

Whether you want to reach the occasional indoor gardener or the avid outdoor gardener, Alterna Holistic Healthy Gardening has them all. The consumers who make up this file care about the quality of the food they eat, protecting their indoor and outdoor environments and use organic gardening techniques to produce earth friendly flowers and produce. Learn more about this data segment >

My Perfect Home

Different tastes in interior decorating help keep the home décor industry thriving! The home decorators here enjoy finding the perfect accent to turn a room from being “blah” to beautiful. The consumers who make up the My Perfect Home list look for interior design, landscaping and decorating ideas using catalogs or subscribing to book clubs and magazines. Learn more about this data segment >

Together Time – Home & Garden

The Together Time – Home & Garden consumers enjoy spending time with their families outdoors. Whether it’s planting an old-fashioned “Victory Garden” or a beautiful cutting garden for flowers, they all join in on the fun. Sourced from transactional data, this buyer/subscriber file is ideal for magazine, book, outdoor furniture, credit card and catalog offers. Learn more about this data segment >

Demographic Data – Catering to Your Audience

Understanding the demographic makeup of your target audience is crucial for creating personalized, relevant marketing campaigns. Age, gender, income, and geographic location are just a few of the key demographic data points to consider when planning your spring cleaning campaign. Utilize demographic data to create tailored messaging that speaks directly to your audience’s unique needs and interests.

Younger consumers, especially those in their 20s and 30s, tend to be more mobile and transient, making them more likely to move frequently and accumulate less clutter. They are also more likely to be renters, which means they may be more receptive to products and services that can help them quickly and easily spruce up their living spaces. For this demographic, marketing campaigns that focus on convenience, portability, and affordability can be particularly effective.

On the other hand, older consumers, especially those over 50, may be more established in their homes and communities. They are more likely to be homeowners and may have accumulated more possessions over the years. These consumers may be looking for products and services that help them manage their belongings more effectively, such as storage solutions or professional organization services. Marketing campaigns that focus on quality, durability, and long-term value can be particularly effective for this demographic.

In a recent analysis by independent data evaluator, Truthset, they yet again found our demographic data to be amongst the best in the business. Media Source Solutions recognizes how important accuracy is for marketers in their campaigns and that’s why all of our data is validated with 5+ declared touch points per record for performance & quality assurance.

Custom Segments – Reach Your Niche

Looking for something specific? We can create your perfect segment with a custom audience built solely for you. Simply provide us with a list of keywords and we will return a custom audience within 72 hours. Whatever your audience is searching for, we can identify them.

Get Started With Your Spring Campaign

Spring presents a unique opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers who are in a mindset of renewal and rebirth. By leveraging specific Media Source Solutions’ data, marketers can create targeted campaigns that resonate with consumers and drive sales. Whether it’s by targeting specific behaviors, interests or demographics, marketers can use data to create campaigns that speak directly to consumers’ needs. 

Our 3000+ pre-built segments, including demographic data, transactional data, behavioral data and location-based data, are ideal for your upcoming marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking for direct mail, email, CTV or digital data, talk to us about your needs today.

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New Year’s Resolutions Audiences

New Year's Resolutions Audiences

Looking to target consumers in market for products and services related to their New Year’s Resolutions? From resolutions around weight loss and fitness, to eating healthily and stopping smoking, Media Source Solutions has the pre-built audience you need to reach consumers who will be actively searching for your product in the new year.

Resolution 1: Stop Smoking

Our audience ‘Smokers @Email Address’ is perfect for advertisers who wish to target smokers in their marketing campaigns. These consumers have responded to surveys concerning their use of tobacco products.

Universe: 3,156,400

Resolution 2: Get Fit

Try our audience ‘Color Me Pink – Women’s Health & Wellness’, which includes women who are interested in mobile exercise apps, yoga and becoming gym members as they try to find a work/life balance.

Universe: 2,850,000

Resolution 3: Eat More Healthily

Try our audience ‘Self Health and Nutritional Wellbeing’, made up of consumers who wish to eat more healthily by consuming super foods and eating a balanced diet as well as by taking nutritional supplements.

Universe: 3,900,000

Resolution 4: Lose Weight

This audience ‘Weight No More – Weight Loss Consumers’ is made up of consumers who wish to lose weight and are regularly shopping for and buying their favorite health and weight loss related products.

Universe: 2,500,000

Start Your Campaign Today

Get started with your campaign today by talking to us about your needs. Whether you’d like to try a pre-built audience or a custom audience we’re here to discuss your marketing objectives and help make that campaign a success.

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Making the most of the Home-Buying Boom

Taking Advantage of the Home-Buying Boom

Spring and summer are always a traditional time for people to move but the US housing market has been experiencing a bit of a boom of late. Fueled by increased demand for space, thanks to the pandemic, as well as a buoyant job market, the median US home price for active listings grew to a record high of $405,000 in March. And according to Bill Adams, chief economist for Comerica Bank, there should still be a 10% overall increase in prices this year.

What does the upward swing in the housing market mean for marketers then? How can they take advantage of the trend? Media Source Solutions is here to explain it to you.

Targeting New Homeowners with Trigger Data

What if you could catch consumers just as they come in-market for your services? That’s the beauty of our Triggerpoint audiences. These segments are designed to enable you to reach consumers and businesses at key life stages – such as buying a new home -, ensuring whoever receives your marketing message is always in-market for your services.

Simply tell us which lifestage you’re most interested in reaching including new homeowners, new movers, pre-movers and apartment seekers. As always with all of our data, these audiences are multichannel, making them perfect for your email, direct mail, social, CTV and digital campaigns. These audiences are ideal for moving companies, broadband firms, self storage companies as well as furniture companies, interior design firms and many more.

Home Décor, Furniture & Furnishings Galore

Speaking of interior design, we have numerous pre-built audiences in this category, from our Finer Living High-End Homeowners to Prestige Home Décor Average American Buyer audience.

Moving into a new home is a life changing trigger and what better time to start over with a fresh new look? The consumers in these segments are ready to spackle, paint, carpet and tile every square inch of their homes until they achieve the results they are trying to create. Sourced from directories, new homeowner records, known subscribers, mail order buyers and home show attendees, our home décor pre-built audiences are opted-in to receive offers relating to their personal preference in home décor.

Can’t find the pre-built audience you’re looking for? Try a custom audience. With this option, marketers can be very selective about their data needs and provide us with a list of keywords that will help us to identify users who are searching for a brand, product or service of your choosing across the web. We’ll then be able to build you a custom audience within 72hrs based on your exact requirements.

Furry Friends Join the Ranks

Pets are also proving a major factor when people choose the home they want to buy. A 2021 Consumer Housing Trends Report from Zillow found that 73% of homebuyers report having at least one pet at home. Many of these prospective homebuyers are looking for homes with more space, especially as people continue to work from home along with their pets.

How can marketers reach these pet owners? Again, Media Source Solutions has the answer, with our various pre-built pet segments. Try, for example, our Pawsitively Pets – Pet Store & Catalog Buyers or our Pets Are Family – Pet Lovers audiences.

Making the Most of Soon-to-Be Families Feathering Their Nest

Another trend linked to the housing boom which may not seem so obvious is the rise in birth rate. Research from economists Michael Lovenheim and Kevin J. Mumford shows that homeowners are more likely to have children when their home value increases. And given that The New York Times found that US homeowners have gained more than $6 trillion in housing wealth during the pandemic, we should potentially be on the lookout for a rise in births.

What does this mean for marketers? At Media Source Solutions we can help marketers identify new parents as well as expanding families. Our pre-built audience The Stork Has Arrived includes consumers who buy infant clothes, books, subscribe to magazines and of course, buy toys! They also register online or at ‘bricks and mortar’ stores with their ‘wish list’ for their new baby.

Sourced from public records, co-registration sites, product registrations; self reported data, and internet registrations, take advantage of these prenatal consumers’ known traits – credit card users, broadband subscribers, internet buyers, mail order buyers and retail buyers.

Start Your Campaign Today

Get started with your campaign today by talking to us about your needs. Whether you’d like to try our triggerpoint data, a pre-built audience or a custom audience we’re here to discuss your marketing objectives and help make that campaign a success.

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How to Get Your Advertising Advantage

How to Get Your Advertising Advantage

How satisfied are you with the quality of the marketing data you currently license from your existing data provider? According to Lotame, US marketers spend $11.9 billion in third-party audience data year on year. Yet, only 20% of marketers are confident about the accuracy of the data they buy. That means that billions of dollars could be being spent each year on data which is considered inaccurate. 

At the same time, more than 80% of marketers claim accuracy is the most important factor when buying audience data. If you count yourself as one of these marketers who prioritises data quality, what can you do to ensure the data that you’re using is indeed accurate?

Assessing the Quality of Your Provider’s Data

1. Understand Where The Data Is Sourced 

Has the data provider you’re currently working with explained where they source their data from? This could be a great indication of how accurate their data is. For example, at Media Source Solutions, our data is sourced from form fills, registrations, brand signals, online engagements and email openers. In addition to this, we only work with privacy-compliant data that is opted-in to receive third party offers. If your data provider is reluctant to share details on the source of their data, this should ring some alarm bells and prompt some follow-up questions

2. Understand What Data Hygiene Processes Are Used

What steps does your current provider take to ensure data hygiene? Do they cross-validate their data to ensure its accuracy? How many sources do they use to verify their data? At Media Source Solutions, our data is validated with 5+ declared touch points per record for performance & quality assurance.

3. Understand Their Scale

What scale does the data provider you work with claim to offer? Do the numbers make sense? For example, if your current data provider claims to have far more data for US ophthalmologists than the American Medical Association estimates, the likelihood is that the data they are providing is not all that accurate. At Media Source Solutions, we are proud to offer extensive scale – for some segments 2-3 times the scale compared to other leading providers – but we will never claim to hold more data than we actually do.

Your Advertising Advantage

If your existing data provider doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, why not try our data for your next campaign? Our data is regularly evaluated and scored by TruthSet, an independent data evaluator, and they have found it to be amongst the most accurate of leading data providers. If you’re looking to target the elusive Generation Z, for example, our data was scored 56% more accurate than the industry standard, meaning more impressions within your target audience and overall a better performing campaign.

What’s more, our ethnicity data quality earned a badge from the ANA’s AIMM for transparency in multicultural marketing and we’re a member of the TAG registry, demonstrating our commitment to combatting fraudulent & criminal activity in digital advertising. 

Using our data, you could have an advertising advantage over your competitors. Talk to us today to discuss your data needs.

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Missing Your Data Targets

Missing Your Data Targets?

How often do you find yourself in this situation?

You’ve planned your marketing campaign meticulously: selected your budget, marketing channels, campaign timing, messaging and offer with care, yet you still find yourself at the end of the campaign with a disappointing campaign performance and a much lower ROI than you expected.

Have you considered that the problem could lie in your marketing data?

How do you ensure the accuracy of data?

There are a number of factors which affect data accuracy. First and foremost is data recency – how recently the data you’re using has been updated. Have you ever run an email campaign with a high bounce back rate? The likelihood is you’ve been working with out-dated inaccurate data. There’s a much quoted stat which claims that up to 70% of a database can become stale within a year, especially in B2B CRMs where turnover is high. That’s why at Media Source Solutions we continuously update our audience segments.

Another factor is the reliability of your data source. You want to be working with data that has been verified for its accuracy. Here at Media Source Solutions, our data is sourced from purchases, intent signals, online engagements, self-reported data, registrations and form fills. Our multi-source approach is then followed up with verification across channels for multiple touch points to ensure optimal data hygiene and accuracy.

Going hand-in-hand with reliability is data validation. Does the data provider you work with have their data validated by a third party, independent data evaluator? At Media Source Solutions we have our consumer data validated by Truthset so that we when we claim our data is accurate we can be absolutely sure that is indeed the case!

How to Improve your Marketing ROI

In Truthset’s Q4 2020 report, Media Source Solutions performed extremely well in a variety of demographic categories, particularly for its age, ethnicity, income and location data. For example, if you’re looking to target males aged 18-24 for your marketing campaign, that particular Media Source Solutions segment was given a Truthset score of 195, meaning that according to Truthset we are 95% better than average at identifying people with those demographic attributes.

What does that mean in real terms for your ROI? If you were running a marketing campaign using data from other providers you might well find that you’d be reaching people outside of your target market who were either not eligible for your offer or not interested. With Media Source Solutions on the other hand, you’d be working with extremely accurate consumer data and would be 95% more likely to reach your ROI goal based on your data quality.

The Importance of Data Accuracy

We understand the importance of data accuracy in marketing campaigns and we want to ensure you do too! That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering flat rate pricing or 50% discount on all segments for 90 days.

See your ROI increase before your eyes and hit your targets this year with our accurate data.

Learn more about our data accuracy >

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Preparing for the Georgia Runoff

Preparing for the Georgia Runoff

Election day has passed but that doesn’t mean the political showdowns are over! All eyes are now firmly fixed on Georgia as the Senate race moves towards a runoff on January 5 between Senator David Perdue & Jon Ossoff and Senator Kelly Loeffler & Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock.

Why is the Georgia Runoff so important?

Essentially control of the Senate is in the balance. Should either Republican Senator Perdue or Loeffler win, the Senate would remain within the grasp of the Republicans, enabling them to block more effectively any legislation coming out of a Democrat-controlled White House.

Should, however, the Democrats manage to see off their opponents in both races, the Senate would be split, with a 50-50 tie, enabling Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to cast the deciding vote to drive forward Democrat legislation.

How have both sides fared in runoffs in the past?

All candidates now face the difficult task of trying to encourage their base to get out to vote on election day. Given that the country has already gone through a long election process for the Presidency, as well as a manual recount in their own State, it wouldn’t be surprising if many voters in Georgia are already feeling “election fatigue”. Plus this year, there’s the added issue of the pandemic which for many may prove decisive in their choice to go to the polls on January 5. Looking at past voter data, Republicans typically fare better than Democrats in runoffs.

News outlets have generally agreed that the success of both campaigns will fall on each side’s ability to reach young voters. There are 23,000 17-about-to-turn-18-year-olds who will be old enough to vote in the runoff. As USA Today put it: “the Georgia Runoff could hinge on registering new voters” before the cutoff date on December 7.”

What options are available to political operatives?

Political organisations looking to support their candidate need to split their efforts into three:

First, they need to prioritise the December 7 deadline to ensure as many non-registered voters as possible register to vote in the runoff. That will require targeting non-registered voters, particularly the 23,000 17-turning-18-year-olds we mentioned earlier. These new voters are unlikely to be on any of their databases and so political organisations will need to think about where to source this voter data from.

Secondly, they’re going to need to fill their campaign coffers with any many monetary donations as possible. According to Kantar’s Campaign Media Analysis Group, Republicans have $28 million extra to spend on campaign advertising compared to their Democrat opponents. Loeffler spokesman Stephen Lawson has already been beseeching Republican donors for more campaign contributions in their campaign’s bid to defeat Raphael Warnock: “We need every single dollar, every single supporter, every single Republican vote because Chuck Schumer, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are stopping at nothing to radically transform our country into a socialist state.”

Thirdly, they’ll need to use the donations they’ve received to get out the vote on January 5. Already, voters are being targeted with Twitter messages, robocalls and television ads. Perhaps the most effective campaign will be the one which uses data to the greatest effect to get their message across. If your opponents are using social and TV, why not try targeting connected TV, especially for targeting a younger audience? If others are doing Twitter ads, why not try digital audio ads like Spotify?

At Media Source Solutions we specialize in providing pre-built and custom audiences that can be targeted based on demographic data such as age and location, and political affiliation. If you need voter data or donor data for your upcoming campaign, get in touch with us today.

Contact us for more information >